GraceGlo aesthetic programme


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Skin Rejuvenation
Radiant skin that glows from within

In order to target different issues of your face:
Blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, uneven skin tone, large pores, acne, acne scars, oily skin, freckles, pigments, dry and scaly skin, sensitive skin.

You can choose from a range of our hot-selling advanced technology aesthetic facial procedures: Laser, Oxyhydration, Microneedling, AuroMask, Anti-Acne Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


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Stunning Eyes
Let the eyes do the communication

Integrative treatment approach used to improve droopy upper eyelids, lighten dark circles, reduce eye bags, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.


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Slim & Sculpt
Discover a body to love

Using FDA-cleared selective radiofrequency Vanquish ME combined with our “6 in 1” BWT to target different parts of the body for slimming: Arms, Tummy, Love Handles, Buttocks, and Thighs.

Hair Removal

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Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Silky smooth hairless skin in an instant

A safe, fast, effective, painless way for hair removal using chilled tip Diode Laser 808nm. The skin over the area treated becomes fairer and smoother with lesser in-grown hair.

Hair removal for armpit area takes only 6 minutes, at the price of RM59 for 1st trial.

Mole / Oil Seed Removal

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Unveil a clean and
flawless face / neck

2-step procedure done, with a free touch up session within a month.

Option available: single or multiple lesion removal, half face, full face or full neck.


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