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Slimming & Sculpting

Unveil the body shape that you love, look great in clothes that you like and feel great when you look into the mirror!

Slim down with less effort,
but enjoy greater results, just like them ↓ 


Want to reduce your waist circumference by 5-10 cm in 3 months?

If your current waist circumference is >100cm (Male), >90cm (Female); then you should definitely try this treatment!

FDA-cleared selective radiofrequency machine: Vanquish ME

If you are not qualified for the above treatment, don’t worry, there’s targeted slimming and sculpting too!


Common Areas that can be treated:

*If you are concerned about other areas of your body, we can also customize your treatment for you.*


1) Safe

2) Non-surgical

4) Short downtime

3) Works great for localized targeted areas

5) Lifting and firming effect

Exciting Prices

Our Treatment Procedure:

“Vanquish Me” – Tummy

Arms Sculpting & Lifting

Stretch Mark Reduction

Testimonials from Our Lovely Clients:

Hanis Liana

Deep loved with Vanquish Me treatment, a safe and effective way to slim down. I did at tummy area and highly recommended for those scared of needles.
Just lie down and feels like a sauna💥, no pain, no injection.

Saki Tan

I love their overall aesthetic anti-aging treatment and body wellness treatment. Introduced my brother here for their Vanquish Me slimming treatment too.

Zhi Xin Woon

Effective anti-aging treatment to lift up my sagging skin. My jawline is well-defined now; my neck is not so wrinkly anymore. I look better and younger now!


Numbing cream will be provided for certain treatments. Do not worry, according to your pain threshold, we shall adjust the setting/level of your treatment.

Depending on the type of treatment that you received, some treatment there is no downtime, some treatment you may experience swelling/bruises/scab lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. They will usually resolve in 1-2 week’s time.

Depending on the type of treatment that you received.

Some treatment you can see the results in as soon as 1 weeks’ time, some treatment you may need to wait for 2 months, some final results are seen after 3 months’ time.

Yes! Repair gel/cream will be applied to your treated area before you leave our premises. We also provide you with repair gel/cream to bring home to use for the first few days after treatment. Please make sure you apply it twice a day.

i) Please apply the repair gel/cream that we provided to you. 

ii) Please DO NOT binge eat/ binge drink.

iii) Please DO NOT exercise/sauna/swim at least 3 days after treatment. Just drink at least 2 litres of water everyday, rest well and sleep early. You can exercise from the 4th day onwards.

Get the “S”-shaped body silhouette that you have always dreamed of!

Feel confident wearing the outfit you love!

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