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No more dark moles, No more milia/oil seeds, No more bulging skin tags.

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moles all over your face

Having moles all over your face?

Oil seeds around your eyes

Oil seeds around your eyes that cannot be covered with concealer?

skin tags over your neck

Troubled by the skin tags over your neck that seem to be getting more and more nowadays?

Common areas that can be treated:

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*If you have it in other areas of your body, we can also customize your treatment for you.*


No Scar

No Scar

No Bleeding

No Bleeding

No Infection

No Infection

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Fast and Effective Treatment Procedures:

Mole Removal

Milia/Oil Seed Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Look At Their Amazing Results!

Testimonials from Our Lovely Clients:

I noticed many oil seeds on my face when I applied my make-up. I did not like them. Got them removed here. I like my clean face now.
Had mole removal treatment done here 2 months ago. The wound healing is good. No scarring. The area treated is clean. Good results.
I was advised by my Fengshui master to remove some moles, as they were not good moles.

So I had mole removal treatment for my face, neck and shoulder done together at this aesthetic centre in Johor Bahru. Not painful at all. Recovery was good. Having better luck nowadays thanks to this! ^_^
I had more than 50 skin tags all over my neck. It was disgusting.

I got them all removed at this aesthetic centre in Johor bahru. Numbing cream was applied so the pain was bearable. Happy that now my neck looks clean. No more skin tags.
I had my neck skin tag removal done here for the first time in Johor Bahru. Previously I was in KL so I did it there.

Dr Grace also advised me to start doing the neck and shoulder wellness treatment, as that is the underlying cause for my recurrent skin tag problem after every few years. I heed her advice and currently I am happily doing it every 1-2 weeks.
After doing his skin tag removal here many years ago, my dad loved the result, now he is asking me to bring him back here to do his mole removal. He said he wants to do some facial here later too. He just loves it here.
Satisfied with my whole face oil seed removal and mole removal done by them. Very detailed and excellent service. My face looks very clean and fresh now.


Numbing cream will be provided. Do not worry, according to your pain threshold, we shall adjust the setting/level of your treatment.

We suggest you wash your face gently, do not rub hard especially over the treated areas. Healing scab will form and will fall off on its own within 1-2 weeks. DO NOT peel off or scratch the scab area, let it fall off on its own.

You may experience mild redness or blackish dots at your treated area lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Any scab formation will usually resolve in 1-2 week’s time.

Yes! Repair cream and sunblock will be applied to your treated area before you leave our premises. We also provide you with repair cream to bring home to use for the first few days after treatment.

i) Please apply the repair cream that we have provided you with. 

ii) Please apply our serum and mask continuously for 7 days post treatment to achieve best treatment results.

iii) Please apply sunscreen everyday, at least 30 minutes before you leave your house.

The location of good moles and bad moles on your face for your reference:

All the red dots marked location are good moles. All the black dots marked location are bad moles.

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