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dry scaly skin

active acne

uneven skin tone

Sensitive skin

sagging skin


Dark Circles


wrinkly skin

acne scars

oily skin


Having skin problems but unsure which treatment to choose?

We’ll have a personalized consultation with you and customize which individual or combination treatment suits you the best.

Our Hot-Selling Treatments



Works great for : Uneven skin tone, photoaging(sun damage), freckles, pigmentation, discolouration, upper lip hair removal, oily skin

Downtime: None


Works great for : Post-laser treatment, dry and scaly skin, sensitive skin, post-sun burn recovery, pre- and post-travelling

Downtime: None



Works great for : Blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, large pores, rough skin, acne scars, post-accident scars, fine wrinkles, sagging skin

Recovery time: 3-5 days

auro mask


Works great for : Post-microneedling recovery, sensitive skin, active acne, skin brightening, skin rejuvenation

Downtime: None

100% of our clients who completed their GRACEGLO Skin Rejuvenation Makeover Program with us looked at least 5 years younger than peers of their same age.
100% of our clients who completed their GRACEGLO Skin Rejuvenation Makeover Program with us looked at least 5 years younger than peers of their same age.

Our Lovely Pricing:

🟢Usually we would suggest you to come for first trial, then only sign up for the package.

🟢Our normal skin cycle is 3 months, so we would suggest your *Intensive Course* to be completed in 3-4 months’ time.
After completion, you can proceed into the *Maintenance Course*, where you can space out your treatment interval to once in every 2-3 months.
*No hidden charges here*

Simple & Safe Treatment Procedures:

For pigmentation and uneven skintone

For large pores and acne scars

For sensitive skin repair

Amazing Results of Our Clients!

Testimonials from Our Lovely Clients:

Their aesthetic treatment schedule and skincare routine is so easy to follow. Suitable for a busy person like me. Simple, yet effective.
Tried microneedling for reduction of my scar. There is a lot of improvement. My scar is no longer obvious nowadays. Satisfied 👍
I love gardening and I sometimes get sensitive skin outbreaks after sun exposure. I always come here to get my skin treated. Their treatment soothes and hydrates my skin. No more itchiness, pain and redness. I feel so much better after every session. Highly recommended!
Been with them for 3 years now, i can see my skin changes drastically, my pigmentation reduced, my skin looks fairer, no more sagging skin. People say that i look so much younger than i did before.
Did not like my blackheads, my large pores and my acne scars. No matter how expensive my skincare products were, I don’t think that they worked. Luckily, I came to this aesthetic centre to try their microneedling treatment. After I completed my intensive treatment with them, I love my smooth skin. <3 Just following the maintenance treatment schedule nowadays. Aiming for a flawless look now.
My friend introduced me to come here for microneedling treatment as she knew that I was concerned about my large pores, blackheads and whiteheads. This is so much better compared to the expensive facials i did previously at other places. No need for painful extractions anymore; and more long lasting results here! I can come here every 2-3 months once nowadays since I just want to maintain how good my skin looks now. When I am busy, sometimes I just come over once in 4-5 months. My skin still looks great! ❤️
Loved their laser treatment! I can see obvious improvement after just 5 sessions. Completed my intensive treatment, happily going into maintenance treatment now.
Microneedling worked wonders on my skin. I can feel that my skin is so smooth now when I apply my daily skincare. Really love the results!
Aiming for flawless skin, but achieved the next best thing to it. Being consistent about my aesthetic facial routine here is something that I am proud of. The results speak for itself.


Numbing cream will be provided for certain treatments. Do not worry, according to your pain threshold, we shall adjust the setting/level of your treatment.

Every session there will be some improvement. The more sessions you do, the better your results will be. Smoother, brighter, younger-looking, and refreshed skin is what we aim to achieve.

We will assess your skin condition during a pre-treatment consultation and customize the treatment(s) which best suits you accordingly.

Depending on the type of treatment that you received, you may experience redness or swelling lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Any skin peeling or scab formation will usually be resolved in less than a week.

Yes! Repair cream and sunblock will be applied to your treated area before you leave our premises. We also provide you with repair cream to bring home to use for the first few days after treatment.

i) Please apply the repair cream that we provided to you.

ii) Please apply our serum and mask continuously for 7 days post treatment to achieve best treatment results.

iii) Please apply sunscreen everyday, at least 30 minutes before you go out from your house.

Feel Your Soft & Smooth Skin,
See Your Skin Glow From Within

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