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Unveil the body shape that you love, look great in clothes that you like and feel great when you look into the mirror!

Slim down with less effort,
but enjoy greater results, just like them ↓ 

"Vanquish ME" Tummy Slimming

FDA-cleared selective radiofrequency machine: Vanquish ME

Vanquish ME 

– the Liposuction Alternative

The world’s only contactless selective Radiofrequency for non-invasive fat reduction with the largest treatment area.

Works great for those who have tried dieting and exercising 
but are still having stubborn fat.

Reporting an average of 29% fat reduction, 
with 13 accredited clinical trials.


Done once a week, 5 sessions is a basic package, depending on personal expectation you can continue signing up for 10 sessions, 15 sessions, or 20 sessions.



  • USA FDA Approved
  • No needles, no anaesthesia, no surgery needed
  • No downtime
  • Painless, Contactless and Non-invasive
  • Not limited to BMI<30
  • Works great for females with waist circumference>90cm and males with waist circumference>100cm

If you are not qualified for the above treatment, don’t worry, there’s targeted slimming and sculpting too!

GraceGlo Signature Treatment
-- "Slim & Sculpt" Premium Booster


GraceGlo Signature Premium Booster fat melting solution has excellent lipolytic properties.

It helps in the reduction of adiposity and cellulite.

It helps the body eliminate fat and convert it into energy in a completely natural way.

As a consequence, the arms, bra fat, back fat, tummy, muffin top, inner thighs, banana rolls, saddle thighs(whichever area that treatment is done on) become slimmer.

It increases vascularity and improves the micro-circulation system in the area, so the fat can be easily metabolized.

Works well on stubborn fat, pockets of fat, and places of fat accumulation where even after doing exercises or dieting it still remains.


Treatment protocol: Done once in 2 weeks. 

5 sessions is considered a basic package, it is a 10-week-programme. 

Depending on personal expectations, you can decide to sign up for how many packages. 

But usually we’ll suggest to start with 1 basic package, then top up later.

*If you are keen to do treatment on multiple areas of your body, we can also customize your treatment for you.*


1) Safe

2) Non-surgical

4) Short downtime

3) Works great for localized targeted areas

5) Lifting and firming effect

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Testimonials from Our Lovely Clients:

Our Treatment Procedure:

Body Slimming & Sculpting


For “Vanquish ME” treatment, it just feels like a sauna, warm and comfortable – you can sleep through the 45min procedure.

For “Slim & Sculpt” treatment, do not worry, numbing cream will be applied. 

For “Vanquish ME” treatment: There is no downtime.

For “Slim & Sculpt” treatment: You may experience swelling/bruises for 5-7 days. Some people notice that their swelling subside only after 2 weeks’ time. It is normal. Just be patient.

After 5 sessions of treatment(1 basic package), you will expect to see some results; but final results are seen only after 2 months’ time from the last treatment session.

For “Vanquish ME” treatment: No after-care is needed.

For “Slim & Sculpt” treatment:

A) Intensive repair gel will be applied to your treated area before you leave our premises. We also provide you with intensive repair gel to bring home to use for the first few days after treatment. Please make sure you apply it twice a day to enhance your recovery.

B) Oral medication given:

1) Anti-swelling medicine: 1 strip, take 2 tabs before/after meals, 3 times a day

2) Painkiller: 6 tabs, take 2 tabs every night before sleep

3) Anti-histamine: 5 tabs, take 1 tab every night before sleep

i) Please finish all the oral medication we provided you with, and please use up the intensive repair gel that we gave you. 

ii) Please DO NOT binge eat/ binge drink(sweet drinks/alcoholic beverages).

iii) Please DO NOT exercise/sauna/swim at least 5 days after treatment. You can exercise from the 6th day onwards.

iv) Please drink at least 2 litres of water everyday, rest well and sleep early. 

Just make sure that you follow the after-care treatment advice, finish applying the intensive repair gel and finish all the oral medication that enhances your recovery, then you will be good to go.

Get the “S”-shaped body silhouette that you have always dreamed of!

Feel confident wearing the outfit you love!

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